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Antenna factory

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Antenna factory Product Introduction: This INNOVEVER Triple Boom outdoor TV Aerial has high signal receiving performance. With foldable and pre-assembled boom, it's easy for installation. LTE filter is built in the dipole box, 4G (to 790Mhz) or 5G (to 694Mhz) or any other frequency are available. Product Specification: ModelANT-450 FrequencyUHF: 470-862(790)Mhz GainUHF: 15-18dB Output resistance75ohm VSWR鈮?dB Product Feature: 1. Received Free Digital Broadcast HDTV and VHF/UHF Signals -- HDTV support 720p, 1080p and 1080i with frequency range at UHF: 470-860MHz. We could built-in a LTE filter 4G or 5G for frequency 470-790Mhz or 470-694Mhz. 2. Tools Free Installation -- Antenna comes with most pre-assembled components. So you can install it very quickly. NO Mounting pole!! 3. Long range and optimized HDTV reception -- aimed to receiving crystal TV pictures and sound within 120 miles long range Testing diagram FQA 1. Have your products been exported? A: Yes, they have been exported to North America (USA, Mexico), South America, Europe (Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy), Africa. 2. Can the products be manufactuered by customer's requirement? A: Yes, the specifications stated above are the standard ones, we can design and manufacture according to customer's specific requirement on the outdoor antenna. 3. Visting factory is allowed or not? A: Yes, we welcome customers visiting our factory. Our factory is located in Ningbo City, China mainland.Antenna factory website: